• 2024 Spring Litter Sweep
  • Litter Sweep

    2024 Spring Litter Sweep Dates: April 8-13

    The GREEN Team coordinates Litter Sweeps of Scotland County in the Fall and Spring every year. The Laurinburg/Scotland County Area Chamber of Commerce encourages volunteers to participate in the Litter Sweeps scheduled throughout the year.  For anyone interested in participating in a Litter Sweep, please contact The Chamber. Residents who wish to volunteer may feel free to bring along friends or other family members to help us out. Remember, litter is everyone’s responsibility. It’s a matter of Scotland Pride! 

    During the litter sweep –

    • Gather a team and collect trash within Scotland County.
    • Collect vests, gloves and trash bags at the Chamber Office.
    • Drop off your bags of trash at any of the five recycling centers during their operating hours.
    • Recycling Location:
      • Monday, Wednesday, Saturday - 7:30am - 6:00pm
        • Stewartsville South - 7981 McColl Road
        • Williamson/Livingston Quarters - 16600 St. Johns Church Road
        • Wagram - 20461 Wagram Road 401 North
        • Snead Grove Road - 20640 Sneads Grove Road
      • Wednesday, Saturday - 7:30am - 6:00pm
        • ​Palmer - 17020 Palmer Road Monday
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    WHAT IS LITTER? Litter is a solid waste that’s out of place.  It’s the kind of trash found on highways, lakefronts, parks and school grounds.  Litter takes many forms: paper, plastics, metal cans, cigarette butts, glass, food packaging, tires and graffiti. 

    WHERE DOES IT COME FROM? There are seven sources of litter: pedestrians, motorists, overflowing household garbage, construction sites and uncovered trucks. Litter is often blown by the wind until it is trapped somewhere. 

    WHY DO PEOPLE LITTER? People tend to litter when they think someone else will clean up, when an area is already littered, and when they do not feel a sense of ownership or community pride. 

    WHY IS LITTER A PROBLEM? Even small amounts of litter are unsightly, unhealthy and dangerous.  Litter caused blighted landscapes resulting in an increase in taxes and a decrease in tourism and industry; loss of civic pride and morale; and a negative public image.  Litter can also cause disease in people and animals, fires, and accidents, especially on roadways. 

    •    Use gloves provided for protection 
    •    Wear bright colored clothing 
    •    Wear long sleeve shirts and long pants to protect from briars and insects 
    •    Tie hair back
    •    Use the buddy system
    •    Leave unknown or dangerous items where they are 
    •    When bags are full, tie closed and place them in piles along the roadside
    •    Put bulky items alongside bags 
    •    Call the Chamber prior to the Clean Up so that they can provide bags, gloves, etc… 

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