• 2023 Leadership Scotland

    Leadership Scotland is the opportunity for local business professionals to develop leadership skills and make a positive impact on our community! The yearly sessions are held monthly and begin in April.

    It is a wonderful chance to:

    Learn about public policy for local and state issues.
    Exercise confidence and team building.
    Discover the assets of local non-profit agencies.
    Learn about the uniqueness of Scotland County, the history of our county.
    Learn about the various businesses and organizations that keep Scotland County strong.
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    Format: MM/dd/yyyy
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    Please list your level of education. Include your degrees, specialized training and dates attended.
    Participants will be chosen based upon the information provided in this application. Consideration is given to leadership achievements, community involvement, overall accomplishments, recommendations from peers and employers, and the ability and interest in assuming additional leadership roles in the community. *
    Tuition is $500 for Chamber members. Tuition covers the cost of all class materials, lunches and graduation. A selection committee will screen applications. Companies/firms, civic clubs, non-profit agencies and foundations are urged to sponsor member of their management teams or individuals who have demonstrated potential leadership abilities. Sponsorship can be an important contribution to an employee's development and a company's growth, and will assure knowledgeable leaders for Laurinburg/Scotland County's future. Enrollment is limited, it is important to act now. *
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