Laurinburg-Scotland Chamber of Commerce

Visit Scotland County

Rich in history and culture, Scotland County is a visit not to be missed.

Originally inhabited by several American Indian tribes, the area eventually became home to the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, who are still present with many descendants of the original forefathers living in Scotland and Robeson counties.

Some of the earliest settlers were Highland Scots who came in the mid 1700's to forge their futures in the new Americas. Many families settled here and all along the Cape Fear River pushing as far north as what is today known as Fayetteville. It was in 1899, that Hector McLean "Father of Scotland County" introduced the act in General Assembly to make Scotland County official.

Maintaining its Southern charm, the people of Scotland County proudly hold on to long forgotten traditions and activities which is evidenced in the many different fairs and festivals, as well as old time general stores and trading posts still existing.

There are a variety of activities and events that take place in Scotland County throughout the year. From the annual Bold Face Liar's Contest, the Storytelling Arts Festival, the Pig Pickin Festival, the John Blue Cotton Festival to the Scotch Fair Highland Games. No matter what time of year, with our temperate climate and friendly people, there is always something happening.

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